Starry Night

I find it interesting that a stadium filled with crazy (and loud) One Direction fans can also resemble the calm, star-filled night sky. Each one of those screaming teenage girls and boys, when placed in this scenario, are loud, annoying sometimes, and absolutely manic with the joy of watching their five favorite men perform on a stage hundreds of feet away. They jump up and down crying and screaming, holding up their enormous neon signs in hopes of being noticed by the cameras or better yet, the band members themselves.

And yet, when one zooms out and puts thousands of these crazy people together into one snapshot…the resulting image is tranquil and inspires peace of mind. The tiny dots of phone flashlights scattered atop the black stadium  remind me of clear summer nights, when one cannot hear a sound and is left alone on their lawn staring up into the abyss…an abyss that in reality will freeze you over and suffocate you within milliseconds, but from so far away it looks peaceful and still.

Why, you ask, is this important at all? Because, dear reader, similarly, though our lives are filled with crazy, chaotic, frustrating, and difficult individual parts, in the end it will all come together and stabilize. It is near impossible not to focus on whatever difficult task is at hand momentarily…whether that’s semester finals or the loss of a loved one or surviving your first year away from home. But I like to think that in the grand scheme of things everything will work out, and our lives will become both calm and clear – like the star-filled night sky.

– Ro


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