Applying to be an Adult

Dear Parents, Employers, College Boards, and Teachers of the 21st Century,

Allow me to introduce myself; I am a teenager of the 21st Century. For years, I’ve been preparing for this opportunity to present myself to you as an individual, and I have been building my application accordingly. I understand that to even dream of acquiring the “adult” position you are offering me, I must have a few basic requirements met.

Let’s start with school. Yes, I’m enrolled in all Honors classes, because it’s been made clear that if I am to succeed in this position in the future, I must be “smarter” than the others. To supplement the recommended STEM-centered education, I’m taking a lot of extra science classes but that leaves no room for creative activities, another academic asset you require in this application. So, I am taking additional piano classes and art classes outside of school. And as far as academics go, we cannot overlook those dreadful standardized tests (ACT/SAT). So of course, prep time is going into that as well.

Now, I know that you want an applicant to have some working experience before applying. It is perfectly logical to require me to have job experience before I actually start training to get a job. So, I am participating in a marketing internship and I also teach dance on the weekends. It does get exhausting having a busy schedule, but as you have so often assured me, “it is for the better…it is preparing me for the busy life ahead.”

I also understand that appearance is heavily considered in this application. I do try to stay fit, but 8 hours of sitting at a desk every day doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of physical activity. We all know society does not easily accept an out of shape individual, I promise that I acknowledge it, so I attend dance classes and I go to the gym when I can. This is hard to do with all the extracurriculars you demand, along with the homework load from school added to the piles of ACT textbooks I have yet to plow through, but who needs sleep? Who needs social interaction? Not me, that’s for sure. I’ve got my priorities straight.

Now I understand that in an applicant you look for stability. Currently, I am trying to balance out the teenage hormones, difficulties at home, bullying at school, pressure to get good grades, focus on planning ahead for my future, along with a million other things. My parents do not accept the person I love, because he is not my race, and that leads many many nights to end in a long fight and a lot of tears. I know you will find similar entries in other applications, whether the conflict be about sexuality, race, religion, etc. But that’s not your problem, is it? None of it is. Well, I can assure you that I will always put on a brave face as your society has taught me to, even if I’m crumbling within. It really is the outer image that counts, isn’t it? Yes…

I’ve exhausted myself trying to please you and prove to you that I am ready for a position I won’t even go into training for until I’m 18. I will likely have to take a heavy student loan at some point, I live in a nation where racial prejudice is on the rise (putting me at a risk), and I’ve no time to be a kid…to be my age. I hardly sleep 6 hours a night, I barely eat three complete meals a day, my social skills are certainly not up to date and I’ve lost the ability to think creatively…only analytically. So please, adults of the 21st Century, enjoy whatever is left of the applicants coming to you. There really isn’t much life left in us.

– Ro



3 thoughts on “Applying to be an Adult

  1. This is a really sad yet really insightful post, I know completely how you feel, I’m home-educated but I too have started applying to places hoping to get me where I want to be in the future. I feel like everything I’ve done since the age of 13 (almost four years) has simply been to get where I want to be in about five years from now. Although I have taken part in many things that I enjoy there is still a lot of pressure alongside those fun activities and commitments and at times I wake up and all I want to do is go back to sleep, forget about all the things I have left to do, but I can’t. Because that’s not how life works. I like to think I am a happy person most of the time, but there are definitely moments when I smile for society even when all I want to do is cry. I loved this post 🙂


    1. Thank you, it’s nice to know someone can relate! Although, I’m sure most teens can nowadays. I find it frustrating how much pressure lies on young people these days, hopefully someday that will change 🙂

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