Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

Oh, my child, why do you weep,

For the love you once held near?

The love that surrounded you day and night,

It is no more, my dear.


Oh, my child, why do you sit,

And stare blankly at the door?

You hope someone will come hold you,

But no one cares anymore.


Oh, my child, why do you lie

Awake at night ‘til 3?

The darkness has consumed your thoughts,

With a dark view of reality.


Oh, my child why do you tie,

That rope around your neck?

You feel you have no place in this world

But my sweet child you forget


The world of angels you want to reach,

As I fear you will regret,

Does not include the souls and hearts,

Whose love you don’t see yet.


Oh, dear child I beg you, stay,

And see the lights that glow,

From dearest friends and soul mates alike,

Who will never let you go.


Thanks for reading! I realize it might be dark, but I suppose I was going through a darker set of emotions when this was written. It’s purely how I felt at the time, and I am glad to share it with you all.

– Ro ♥


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