My Name Is Beauty

I wrote this poem because of a recent experience I had in school. So before I get into the poetry, it’s story time…

I’ve been going through a lot of crap in school…most of it is body shaming. I’m short, I have a flat chest, I’m lean, and it just doesn’t fit modern beauty standards I suppose. So I sat down at 2am on a Monday night and spoke (aka sobbed) with someone very near and dear to me. He told me I have every reason to feel hurt by these comments, but I have no reason to believe they are true. It’s a take I hadn’t quite heard before…

Body shaming isn’t cool guys…it really isn’t. I can’t control the genes I was born with, I can’t control how I grow and develop. We are all beautiful. Doesn’t matter what other people think so long as I believe it. And I encourage all of you to find people and reasons to help you come to that conclusion for yourself.

These experiences inspired the following poem, hope you enjoy.

My name is beauty

I am tall

I have a flat stomach

I have a larger chest

My hair is straight and long

My skin is fair

My name is beauty

I have a muffin top

I have a flat chest

My hair is curly as frick

I wear a retainer 

I have the voice of angels

My name is beauty 

My face is riddled with acne

My hair is wavy and frizzy 

I have piercing eyes

My teeth are crooked

I rock freckles like no one else

My name is beauty

I was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago

I am extremely short

I am lean and thin

I have a beautiful smile 

And an even more gorgeous laugh

My name is beauty

I will dress however I want

I will apply makeup the way I want

Because i know I am beautiful

Both inside and out

No matter my flaws

My name is beauty

I am kindness

I am passion

I am empathy

I am human.

And no one can tell me otherwise 

– Ro ♥


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