“Go Back to Your Country”

Two mornings ago, a Sikh man was working on his car outside his home in Kent, when a white, middle aged man approached him. An argument broke out between the two, during which the suspect told the victim to “go back to your own country” before shooting him.

Go back to your own country. I want to make something clear…the fact that I am a person of color does not determine if America is “my country”. The fact that I celebrate a religion that originated halfway across the world, that other bad people are using as an excuse to inflict pain, is not what determines whether or not America is my country. The language I speak, the slight accent in my voice, and the food I eat, do not determine if America is my country or not.

My decision to vote is what makes this place my country.

My trust and loyalty in American education is what makes this place my country.

My support for our military, and my love for America’s legacy in industry, finance, medical innovation, and diplomacy, are what make this country mine.

My decision to be an honest, righteous citizen, makes America my country.

My dream of living with my husband and two kids in the suburbs of Seattle, is what makes America my country.

This country is my home not because it is where I am originally from, but because it is the place in which I choose to invest my love and my hope.

This country did not choose me, but on the contrary, every day I choose this country.

– Ro ♥



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