What makes you happy?

Hello again everyone! I missed this blog so much – my apologies for not writing recently. I’ve been caught up in college applications, my return to high school, and a constant battle against depression. In this hard time, it is hard to find clarity and peace of mind, but I am stubborn and always find a way 🙂

I want to share with you today, a few things that make me happy. They might seem simple, but they are powerful.

Fall Colors – Now that fall is here, while the dull overcast and constant rains bring everyone down, the colors of the trees are simply breathtaking. The streaks of red and orange that pass me on my drive home are breathtaking; they brighten up our city and they brighten up my day. I’ve been doing a lot of senior photo shoots for my friends lately, and it’s so much fun going out and playing in the leaves, splashing in puddles, and climbing trees trying to take a perfect photo.

Photography – Going off what I said earlier, I’ve been trying to gain some skills in photography and the journey has been a blast. Going out to take photos of other people not only gives me an opportunity to go out and explore the world around me, but I get to help girls who are insecure and shy feel amazing about themselves. I’ve always tried to find a way to let my creative outlet be a source of happiness for others, and in portrait photography I think I have found just that.


My Boyfriend – Yes, it’s cheesy, I know haha. But really, I feel so lucky to know such an amazing, kind, genuine human being. I feel joy from small and simple things like when he smiles, or when he kisses my forehead, or even just holding my hand…in all of the chaos and stress surrounding me I find comfort in being around him. He’s been so supportive these past few months, helping me through my depression, insecurity, college apps, among many others. He’s one of my best friends and I am lucky to have him by my side ❤


Cleaning – As someone who is a neat freak about anything and everything, cleaning isn’t some chore to me, it’s fun! I’m not even joking, one of the best moments is when I am up in my room, jamming to loud EDM music, rearranging my bookshelf and organizing my dresser. I feel like as I’m organizing the chaos in my room, I’m somehow organizing the irrational and sporadic thoughts in my brain. And the best part? Seeing a clean, spacious room at the end of it 😀

Food – Let me tell you what I did two days ago: I ate lunch at Chipotle, got hungry around 5:00 and got takeout from a teriyaki place nearby, then was craving cake around 7:00 so I bought myself an entire Tiramisu and consumed it alone while watching Netflix. Yeah, it’s probably not a very healthy way to spend my money, but I think a lot of people can relate when I say that eating food is  genuinely enjoyable activity haha.

So that’s me! These are a few of the things that make me happy on a day-to-day basis. I implore you to try and find the things that make you happy, maybe share a few in the comments below 🙂 I’ll definitely try to post more here on out, so here’s hoping I’ll see you guys soon!

– Ro ♥




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