Me, Myself and I

I might be trapped in high school 8 hours a day, but it doesn’t stop me from loving each day and trying to living life to its fullest. It might be morbid, but we never know which day in this world will be our last. So I try to breathe every breath, appreciate every sight, and walk every journey as if it will be the last time I do so.

Don’t get me wrong…my philosophy may sound like that of an optimist but my life isn’t perfect. Everyday I am trampled by the rigor of school, suffocated by the prejudice that lies upon me and my ethnicity, and hurt by a sense of loneliness during those 8 hours spent indoors at a desk.

Nonetheless, I fight it by simply being myself. I battle the intensity of school by freeing myself through my artwork and dance. I try to keep my chin up whenever I get a low grade in school or mess up at a piano performance. I fight loneliness with my few but close friends, and counter harsh words with kind actions.

So with that in mind, I hope with this blog you can see the world through my eyes and find joy and comfort in the little things. I hope you are able to find that whatever frustrations you are going through, you are not alone. And I hope that you come to realize that the best person to have by your side in this world is yourself, and you must love and value yourself like no one else.


Ro ♥